Rejoice, the king of K-pop is back! It feels like there’s been a giant hole in the K-pop world ever since BIGBANG’s G-Dragon enlisted in the military in February 2018, and now that he’s finally completed his service, we can’t wait to see what new projects he has in store. But since he’s just returned, now is the perfect time to reminisce about what’s been missing in our lives since GD has been away — and remember why he really is an artist like no other.

1. His musical genius

It’s no secret that G-Dragon has an extraordinary number of songwriting credits to his name: he’s written the lyrics and music for the vast majority of BIGBANG’s tracks as well as his own solo songs, spanning hits from the groundbreaking “Lies” to “Fantastic Baby,” “Heartbreaker” to “Ringa Linga,” and more. GD has always pushed the boundaries of music, and his fresh, experimental, and absurdly catchy songs have been not only popular worldwide but also extremely influential within the genre of K-pop. True to its name, “One of a Kind” is one of his many tracks that is so unique that it still stands out years after its 2012 release.