It has already been weeks since Wonho left MONSTA X but it looks like Jung Da-eun is not done yet. People were expecting the gossip to die down after Wonho decided to leave for the sake of protecting his groupmates and self peace. However, Jung Da-eun and Han Seo-hee keep releasing statements that stir up the existing issues.

Last November 4, Jung Da-eun fought with Wonho’s fans via her girlfriend, Han Seo-hee’s channel. MONBEBEs flooded the video with remarks like “stupid” and “attention seekers” in which Jung Da-eun quickly responded with “Attention seeker? Me? If I was an attention seeker, I should’ve been a singer like Wonho.”

Jung Da-eun also claimed that he and Wonho have the same personality so they’re basically on the same level. He then added, “I’m actually a little better.” He also criticized Wonho’s talent saying, “What talent does he have? You call that dancing? Boo! You call that singing? No.”

Here’s the full recorded clip of Han Seo-hee’s Instagram live video: