The Taiwanese entertainment circle has no shortage when it comes to talent. Many Taiwanese artists are multi-talented and wear many different hats, both on-screen and off. There are many famous celebrities who are both singers and actors, like Aaron Yan, Rainie Yang, Joanne Tseng, and Show Luo. However, there are a few actors that you might not have known who are also talented musicians. Here is a run-down on five talented actors who also happen to be great singer-songwriters!

Marcus Chang

Where you’ve seen him: “Back to 1989,” “Behind Your Smile,” and “Between

Most people know Marcus Chang as an actor who starred in the hit film and drama “Café. Waiting. Love” and “Back to 1989.” Besides being an actor, he is also a singer-songwriter and a music video producer. The University of Auckland performance arts graduate said music has always been a big part of his life. His family moved from Taiwan to New Zealand when he was 13 and it was a difficult time for him to adjust to a new foreign place. Music helped him to combat his loneliness and he picked up the guitar at 15. When he entered university, he pursued sound engineering and performance arts and the education gave him the foundation to use in his music career.

In August 2018, Marcus released his very first album “±1 正负1 (Plus or Minus 1).” The title of the album represents his dual identities: actor and musician. Marcus said in an interview that it is meant to signify him being known as an actor first which is a +1, but to deduct from that and go back to zero, he is moving forward as a singer-songwriter which is +1. The album consists of songs that were featured in his drama, “Between” including the theme song “Still Love You,” “You & I,” and “Between Us,” a duet with his “Between” co-star SpeXial’s Sam Lin. Considering his background, it’s no surprise the multi-talented actor produced the album plus wrote the lyrics and music to his songs.

Check out Marcus Chang’s song “Still Love You”: