On November 9, MLD Entertainment congratulated MOMOLAND for their 3rd Anniversary in the industry. It has already been three years since their debut in 2016. Fans quickly noticed that the photo uploaded only has 7 members, two of the nine members of MOMOLAND were missing, and it were Daisy and Taeha. 

A few months back, MLD Entertainment, MOMOLAND’s agency, gave an official statement prior to this release. They said:

“Daisy and Taeha will take a short break due to personal and health-related reasons. They will sit it out for their upcoming album and may come back for the next one. We cannot release any further statements. Thank you.”

However, fans continue to ask what is really happening. They are worried the members may never return. Some fans even commented and asked why the two members are not included in the poster. Some are also bothered about the status of their idols’ health. 

What could be the real reason? Stay tuned for more updates only here at Kpopstarz!

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