After winning 1st place on “The Show” yesterday, November 5, MONSTA X knelt and bowed down on stage as a sign of gratefulness to their fans.

MONSTA X has been through a lot lately. Two of their group members have stirred controversies on social media sites. A lot of MONBEBES hearts were broken when Wonho decided to leave the group. Fans were also stressed out by the spread of Shownu’s fake naked photos. Amidst the chaos, MONSTA X’s fans were loyal to them until now. 

That’s why MONSTA X took this opportunity to thank all their fans worldwide for sticking with them through this tough situation. Isn’t it nice to know that your idols are thankful for all your love and support?

Keep going MONSTA X! Your MONBEBES always have your backs! Fighting!

You can watch the unedited clip of the group as they won and thanked their fans here.

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