The group gave the first glance of their concept by uploading a clip entitled “EXODEUX.” As soon as the fans saw the video, several hashtags on Twitter went trending, like #EXODEUX, #EXOonearewe, #OBSESSION, and #ObsessedWithEXO, which took the number 1 to 4 spots on the worldwide trends.

EXO will be returning with their sixth album called “OBSESSION” on November 27. Ahead of its release, EXO-L couldn’t help but create bizarre theories about what on Earth the trailer is trying to tell us.
The main thought that makes the fans anticipate the group’s return more is that the boys might be fighting their clones. In the video, different eye colors were shown, which EXO-L believes to be a sign that the boys were duplicated, and these copies are evil. They even spotted a new Twitter account that has the group’s slogan reversed, which supports the theory of the boys getting cloned.

Fans also noticed Sehun’s possible part of the story. One of the scenes in the trailer shows Sehun as an archer, who is viewed as the only normal human left to save the older members from the bad side. One EXO-L even took note of Sehun’s makeup getting smudged because he is actually going undercover and was just faking being evil all this time.

Another theory about EXO’s comeback involves the group’s previous songs, “Monster” and “Lucky One,” which display the boys’ opposite sides – EXO and X-EXO. One fan commented that the original boys were trapped in Lucky One and are trying to escape, and the ones we saw in Monster and Lotto are their duplicates.

Furthermore, a fan suggested that X-EXO was in Tempo, who was glitching throughout the music video since they came from another world, and EXO was in Love Shot, who was in a different world and running for their lives.

As a conclusion, EXO-Ls think that EXO and X-EXO will finally meet each other in this comeback. But, only one group should exist, and so the battle begins.

Do you approve of these theories, or you have another one? Share your thoughts about EXO’s comeback trailer in the comments. 

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