On November 20, CJ ENM confirmed that X1 members may not have any future promotions anymore. However, they have met with the group to discuss future plans and actions. A CJ ENM representative said, “We have met up with X1 recently and have talked to each member including their managers and the label that handles them. As of the moment, we know fans have been patiently waiting for any news regarding the group’s comeback, but as of the moment, we cannot answer that yet. If you ask us now, the only answer we have is that they don’t have any pending promotions or activities at present. We have also discussed several factors including some of the members’ plans to go solo but we haven’t gotten to a specific solution yet. Although we have various options for the group, we cannot reveal it yet.

An alleged insider also stated, “During the meeting, several members had conflicting ideas. Although the majority of them want to continue as a group, some opted differently. At the end of the day, we can only hope that they would come to terms with each other.

As of the moment, the group is in hiatus without knowing when exactly they could come back. They decided to take a break due to the Produce series vote-rigging incident that has caused a great havoc in the industry.

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