BTS has peaked at a different level of popularity these days. They are not only known in Asia but are also known in America and Europe as well. They have landed number 1 three times in a row and have at least 10 singles in the US Billboard. To top all of that, they have also garnered lots of awards and nominations in different music shows around the world. With fame, however, comes a price. BTS Jungkook talks about the challenges he is facing with the group’s growing popularity.

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Jungkook described the difficulties he had to endure because of being famous. He expressed how he wants to have a little bit of privacy once in a while and to take peaceful rests from their hectic schedule too. However, his greatest challenge does not concern himself but his fans. He sweetly said, “I don’t want to disappoint my fans. Whenever I do something or say something, I always think about my fans first. Will it hurt them? WIll it caus an issue? Will people be disappointed? This is the hardest struggle for me because I care too much about them that I’m scared to disappoint any of them.” It truly is a heavy burden to bear.

Popularity indeed made the boys cautious. Even other idols too. 

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, but because of the limelight, he couldn’t do what other men his age do. He can’t freely date, publicly get drunk, or even just hang out without the worry of sparking another rumor. Being popular is great but the price that comes with it is not.

He ended the interview saying, “Whatever situation I’m in, I never forget who I am and I always think twice before doing something. I am not perfect but I want my fans to know that I’m doing my best to improve myself. I will work hard to be a better idol for all.” 

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