HeeChul is one of the most well-connected singers in the industry. He is popular not just among fans but also amongst his fellow idols and celebrities. His charm and aura surely are unbeatable.

In the 2nd episode of Heechul’s Youtube series, “Legend Club: HeeChul’s and Shindong Internet Room” he invited ONF to be his guest, but what happens next will shock the group. Before proceeding with the scheduled activities and games, the hosts Heechul and Shindong wanted to learn more about ONF. They used Naver search engine and looked up ONF. It turns out ONF is also under WM Entertainment, the same company as Oh My Girl.

HeeChul, the friendly man that he is commented “Oh! I’m good friends with hyung! Should we try to call Oh My Girl? Do you think they’re busy?” Then he got his phone and called someone. “Hyung, I’m currently having a live broadcast with one of your boys, ONF. Can you share with us your honest opinion about the group?” It turned out he called President Lee Won Min! WM Entertainment’s Chief!

However, the president didn’t want to air his opinion and politely excused himself saying that he drank a little. Before HeeChul hanged up he even said, “It’s not like your underage hyung, but it’s fine. I’ll text you later.” The way they spoke over the phone really meant they are close.

Watch the full episode here.