Recently, J.Y. Park gave the first letters of the two singers featured in “Fever.” The initials of their names begin with “S” and “B.” He even gave more details about the singers. He said, “S” is his favorite rapper and “B” is a great young female singer and lyricist. “I also asked her to rap even if she’s not a rapper“, he added. The singer shared that he was introduced to “B” by ITZY’s Yeji. 

On November 20, J.Y Park shared on his official SNS a short clip that showed a thermometer with three lines labeled “LIKE,” “LOVE,” and “FEVER.” It also said the entire name of the artists “Superbee” and “BIBI,” with a caption that said “The featured artists are Superbee and BIBI. I love how they both express themselves through their music – Superbee through his edgy lyrics and his voice, and BIBI through her unique artistry.”

Kim Hoon Gi, who is better known as Superbee, is a rapper who participated in the television contest “Show Me The Money.” Superbee auditioned in the first three seasons of the competition, but he failed to get in. In the fourth season, Superbee was able to make it to the show and became a member of Team YG, then in season 5, he finished as the second runner-up and became part of Team Illionaire. Moreover, Superbee is a former trainee under Feel GHood Music’s sub-label GHood Life and a member of 82HottestMC’s. The rapper is now a co-CEO of a newly built agency called YNG & Rich Records with an artist Uneducated Kid.

BIBI, on the other hand, was a competitor on SBS’ “The Fan” together with ITZY’s Yeji in 2018. She made her solo debut in May of this year with her first digital single titled “Binu.” “Fever” is the second release of J.Y. Park this year, following the track “This Small Hand,” which was released last February and served as his present for his new-born baby girl.

“Fever” is set to be released on the 1st of December at 6:00 PM KST, but the music video for the song will be released on November 30 at 6 p.m. KST. 

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