ASTRO talked about their comeback without Moonbin.

ASTRO’s leader JinJin spoke first, saying, “I feel sorry for our fans who have been waiting for ASTRO. When we were discussing with the company about it, we often said, Moonbin’s health comes first. So, we reached this decision, and even though we are upset about it as well, we are going to put a lot of effort as we perform with the thought that Moonbin is with us all the time.

Cha Eun Woo next commented, “Moonbin is an excellent performer, and we also wanted to go on stage as a full group for the first time after a while. It’s really saddening that we failed to do this together, and I feel apologetic towards the fans.” He continued, “We have divided Moonbin’s parts between the members, and we tried harder and worked hard while making preparations so that his absence won’t be noticeable as much as possible. And also, for him to have a warm welcome when he comes back.

Cha Eun Woo further stated that the members are also upset about Moonbin being unable to join them in the comeback. He then asked the fans, later on, to help ASTRO in giving Moonbin support so that he can recover fast and return soon. 

ASTRO made their third comeback this year with the extended play “Blue Flame,” which is their third release in 2019 following their full-length album “All Light” and Japanese debut EP “Venus.”

The music video for “Blue Flame” was out on the same day of the album’s release. Moonbin can still be seen in the MV since the video was filmed ahead of Moonbin’s hiatus. As of November 21 at 1:30 p.m. KST, the MV has reached more than 800 thousand views.

Furthermore, one of the songs in the album is “When The Wind Blows,” which is revealed to be composed by ASTRO member Rocky, who describes it as a song about AROHA, the group’s fans.
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