The standard way to achieve a healthy glow is to start with a cleanser and concluding with a moisturizer. Still, finding the best of the best to include in the most perfect ten-step routine is as tough as finding “the one.” This was why Umma, a company based in Seoul and a self-proclaimed K-beauty incubator, tested products and successfully created a full regimen that is perfect for all skin types, leading to the creation of this box of all wonders. 

Yes, your patronized beauty products may be good but no one declines a completely-packaged box of Korean beauty products, and the only job left for you is to fulfill the routine. Costco’s K-beauty box called Case Full of Seoul takes pride in this.

Launched in the second quarter of 2018, Case Full of Seoul is a ten-step beauty routine packed in a box. It contains ten skincare products, which came all the way from Seoul, and a box that will guide you to follow the right and a much better K-beauty routine. 

The first step is the 9 Wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser, which contains fine grains of rice to get rid of your dead skin cells. Second is the maple tree sap-infused toner Maycoop Raw Sauce that assists your skin to absorb the nutrients provided by the remaining eight steps. Then, the Urang True Rose Repair Essence comes next is regenerating your skin and the serum spray One O Seven Core Flex Essential Liquid follows. 

According to reports, Umma found it challenging to choose one sheet mask to be included in this package full of K-beauty goodness. But in the end, the company selected I Woke Up Like This’s All-in-One Concentrate Treatment Mask. For those who aren’t aware, IWLT is a Korean beauty brand that was founded by Han Yeona, an influencer from “the land of the morning calm.”

For some, a ten-step guide and just by the mere presence of ten products may come as overwhelming for other users. Hence, Umma inserted a booklet where the products’ names and labels are indicated. And also, shouldn’t we talk about the packaging too? The outside appearance comes with a royal blue shade and has white birds and rouge-hued florals drawn on each side. 

Speaking of the performance, a gentle reminder that there’s a reason why all the products in this box are the best of the best. All the products live up to their title as good for all skin types. Thus, if you have acne-prone and sensitive skin, Case Full of Seoul is perfect for you.

Moreover, the Foaming Cleanser has tiny rice particles and won’t feel heavy. Plus, the toner is great at hydrating and will make your skin feel luxurious because of its maple tree sap. The amino acid is an awesome catch, too, because it contains amino acids that directly helps your skin fight off hyperpigmentation and acne.

You can avail the box on Costco’s official website for $150, may you be a member or not. 

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