We’re pretty sure you have experienced listening to a song and think that it embodies a perfect movie scene or a drama undercut, but with all the K-pop songs we constantly listen to, some of them didn’t make it to official OSTs. However, that can’t stop us from visualizing a certain scene, on or off-screen, when we listen to these songs. 

We present you the top K-pop songs that would surely suit K-drama or film OSTs:

1. “Instagram” by DEAN

This indie/alternative track remains one of the superior songs released a couple of years back. DEAN’s vocals and musicality never really fail you to stan. 

Speaking of it as an OST though, don’t you agree that this will definitely suit an independent film? The feel it gives off and the message it desires to spread across is notable per se, but hearing it from a movie about, for instance, a group of yuppies trying to find their purpose in life sounds like a plan.

2. “First Sight” by Heize

The uniqueness and the dreamy sound of “First Sight” are just a trinket of its overall beauty, not to mention that the music video is fairytale-like. The electronic details, the transition to mid-tempo when the chorus dropped, and the jazz piano sounds before the bridge all in all truly make this track one of a kind.

It’s a pity that this hasn’t graced a drama or a movie. Perhaps, it’s just too beautiful for any plotline and script. We’re insisting it otherwise, at least in this listicle. We think it would suit a periodic drama, particularly one that is set in the 1930s, where love blooms amidst when Korea was under oppression.

3.  “fairy” by Dvwn

Imagine a drama scene where it’s snowing and the female lead is facing the male lead who is standing on the other side of the road. Then, they start closing the distance between them and stop inches away from each other in the middle of the road. No cars are passing by and most of the people have gone home, and the life of the streets are starting to call it a night.

This is the feeling that “fairy” gives off. Romantic yet pure, and there isn’t a need for words. The intro can instantly captivate your romantic bone, whether you have one or not.

4. “Telephone” by Rocoberry and Punch

Melancholic. This is how “Telephone” sounds. Something that would be perfect to listen to when it’s raining or you’re up for a cry. What more if this is an official soundtrack of a drama or movie set in the ’90s? Something that is angst? Where does a forbidden romance grow between two people?

Actually, you can think of multiple possible scenarios after hearing this poignant track. Go ahead, give this one a listen and…ugly cry.

5. “Vacation” by GAEKO and SOLE

A few seconds of listening to this and you’ll know why it’s perfect for a scene where the character is unwinding somewhere, or for a bed or make-out scene, or when the sun is slowly emerging as the ombre shade paints the sky. Gems like this track deserve to be recognized more, but of course, not everyone is aware of the indie scene in K-pop. 

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