Admit it. Seeing these radiant-faced Korean celebrities and idols on images and TV screens have fueled our desire that so-called “glass skin.” No make-up needed but a natural, obviously healthy-looking complexion seems to be larger than life, and we’re here for it. This is why Banila Co Dear Hydration Boosting Cream is one of the topmost go-to to achieve this highly-coveted skin. 

For those who experience occasional pimples or breakouts, this moisturizing product is definitely for you. One of the secrets of attaining a functional anti-aging product is using a good hydrating moisturizer as a basis for radiant skin.

Banila Co Dear Hydration Boosting Cream stays true to its promise that it “imparts a long-lasting glow and makes skin dewier, softer, and smoother, prepping it for makeup application.” Its ingredients include bamboo juice and lotus flower extract, both of which have moisturizing properties and antioxidants that help to address dry skin. 

But let’s not leave out its powerful healing ingredients, such as moringa seed oil, mint, and neem, which directly fixes your acne. Moringa seed oil and mint, on the other hand, help in soothing redness and irritation. In addition, this Banila Co product has brightening properties, namely the holy basil and niacinamide. This cream also hydrates your skin sans clogging pores and hindering any chances of breakouts.

If you have your own skincare routine, you can simply incorporate Banila Co Dear Hydration Boosting Cream in your procedure. You won’t experience initial bad reactions to it because this cream’s hydrating powers are enough to smoothen the skin. Your fine lines around your eyes will fade as well, not to mention that it is lightweight.

Moreover, your skin levels are balanced and that it is also good as a base that can hold your make-up for longer than you would expect. 

To conclude, Banila Co Dear Hydration Boosting Cream is the Holy Grail product for honestly everything your skin needs. And we can’t deny that it can outdo a lot of products that aim to hydrate the skin or those that are primers. Glass skin has been an ongoing trend for a couple of years now, but not everyone is serious about achieving it. We can tell you belong to the crowd of the genuinely hopeful ones if you’re mindful of the products that you purchase, including this Boosting Cream (that will never let you down).

If ever you have oily or acne-prone skin, allow us to plug in another product from the same K-beauty brand, Banila Co Dear Hydration Balancing Moisturizer. 

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