The girl group appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.” During the talks, the members mentioned their new album and new concepts for future sets of songs. 

AOA has made their long-awaited return in the K-Pop scene with their sixth mini-album called “NEW MOON,” which consists of four tracks, including the lead single titled “Come See Me.” Seolhyun explained the meaning of the name of their album, saying, “It means that AOA will show a new facet and that a new moon has surfaced.

The group also revealed that they celebrated their new release through decorating a part of the CGV cinema in Gangnam. There was a standee of the group displayed, along with posters and a wallpapered wall that shows the details about their new album.

DJ Kim Shin Young was shocked to hear that the girls’ promotion was extended, questioning if there were any changes in the treatment of their company since they renewed their contracts. Chanmi responded, “They are more considerate about the promotions. They often ask for our suggestions. What has changed a lot is our freedom to express our opinions and give contributions.

During the talks, AOA answered questions sent in by the listeners. One fan asked if the group would like to try a different theme. Seolhyun replied, “We are into trying different stuff. We are thinking of trying a variety of concepts, but I want to go with those like Oh My Girl’s historical rendition of ‘Destiny.’ I want something that has an oriental vibe.

“New Moon” was released on November 26, together with the music video of its title track “Come See Me.” The album marks AOA’s first return after more than one year since its 2018 album “Bingle Bangle.” Also, “New Moon” is the band’s first comeback with only five members. AOA member Mina left the group and the company this past April of this year to pursue a solo career.

After the album was out, it took the No.3 spot on the November 26th Daily Physical Album ranking. And Hanteo Chart revealed that “New Moon” was able to record the sales of 3,077 copies following its release.

“Come See Me” is described as a dance track that has the fusion of powerful beats and lyrical guitar sounds. The rap part of the single conveys the feeling of being lonely during a cold, late night. The music video for “Come See Me” is almost reaching 1.5 million views.

Since their debut, AOA tried various concepts. The female group initially consists of eight members – Choa, Yuna, Chanmi, Jimin, Youkyung, Hyejeong, Mina, and Seolhyun – signed under FNC Entertainment. AOA debuted in July 2012 with the album “Angel’s Story,” featuring the title track “Elvis.”

Their debut went with the “transformer” concept in which the girls would promote as a band and as a dance group. The seven members are “full angels” while Youkyung is half-angel/half-mortal since she only joins in when AOA does the “band” concept.

In their very first comeback, AOA used a fictional theme as the members were dressed as characters from different stories. In the following years, AOA tried the sexy concept for most of their songs like “MOYA,” “Miniskirt,” and “Short Hair,” detective concept for “Excuse Me,” while their previous track “Bingle Bangle” was more of a bright motif. 

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