Song Ha Ye has broken her silence regarding the “sajaegi” accusations. One of the singers mentioned was Song Ha Ye, who has recently shared her opinions about the controversy through an Instagram post, which is now deleted.

The female artist started her statement saying, “I was someone who was never seen and heard of before’ within six years, but after my debut, I thankfully received excellent tracks and suddenly received lots of love from many people. But at the same time, I was a subject of insulting claims and criticism that were the same size as that love. I thought that my positive and constant actions were the best means to refute them and show my honesty rather than saying a couple of words even though I am proud of myself while I also feel the unfairness.

She continued, “I was annoyed with words that couldn’t be expressed face to face, and that includes being called an ‘offensive, shameless b****’ who has fooled everyone and did a crime, which was said without putting much effort as if it was real. I learned that telling the truth or saying ‘I never did that’ is meaningless, especially to people who really want to know what’s real and people who don’t want to see the people they hate happy and smiling. Because you have given me this chance, I will make use of this well.

Song Ha Ye further stated that she wants the truth to be uncovered, and yet she knows that she is still doesn’t have enough power to do so since she is not, however, fully grown up. She then said, “I trust those people who are more intelligent to deal with this, and I will not say any word while the lawsuit is ongoing. The only thing I can do now is to post a statement that can be put into a report and wait.”
In the statement, the songstress also expressed her gratitude to the senior artist who has given her support and encouragement after they met at a radio program and even for unlocking the Pandora’s Box in spite of risking his career. Song Ha Ye added, “I won’t get tired, and I will give all my best to create music like I do now.

The singer concluded her post with, “My beloved fans, who are worried about me and always give me support all the time, are giving me a lot of strength. Thank you so much, and I also earnestly thank the ones who took their time to read this long post.

Song Ha Ye is active in the entertainment industry since her solo debut in 2013 under Hello Music Entertainment. Prior to her debut, she competed in “Made in U” and the second season of “K-Pop Star.” She is known for singing a lot of original soundtracks for Korean dramas. Her very first OST was in 2014 when she sang “You Give Me Happiness” for the television series “Cheongdamdong Scandal.” This year, she participated in recording the OSTs for “Hotel Del Luna” and “My Only One.” 

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