TOMORROW x TOGETHER will be kicking off 2020 with a Japanese debut!

Now, TXT will be extending their music promotions outside of Korea, particularly in Japan. It has been revealed that the male group plans to make a Japanese debut on January 15, 2020. The boys will release a Japanese single titled “Magic Hour,” which will consist of three tracks. The songs will be the Japanese renditions of their Korean works, such as “Crown,” “Run Away,” and “Angel or Devil.” The single will be available in four unique versions, including first press limited editions A, B, and C, and a regular edition.

TOMORROW x TOGETHER is a five-piece boy band signed with Big Hit Entertainment consisting of members Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai, Beomgyu, and Taehyun. They are the very first male group to debut under the agency after almost six years since BTS made their debut in June 2013. So, TXT is Big Hit’s second boy band, and many call the members as BTS’ little brothers.

TOMORROW x TOGETHER means the five members will “work together on one dream with the hope of creating a new tomorrow.” The group debuted in March 2019 with the single titled “Crown.” The music video for the track has broken the record for the most viewed K-Pop debut MV within 24 hours. It reached 14,493,378 views within a day, and the MV even became the No.1 trending video on YouTube after it was released.

In addition, TXT has already fulfilled the feat of launching songs that have the same concept with the existing artists, and yet the tracks are unique enough to make TXT stand out from those musicians. Their first extended play “The Dream Chapter: Star” is one of the proofs as it provides singles that have their own distinct color.

In fact, a week after the EP was issued, the group entered the Billboard charts, ranking No.1 on Emerging Artists, and World Albums and its title track “Crown” topped the World Digital Song Sales. Moreover, the EP was at No.140 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. The band is now the fastest K-Pop group to land on Billboard 200, and they also hold the record for the highest-ranking debut album by a male K-pop troupe.

Besides the cute concept and fun songs, another thing that captured the public’s attention is the excellent visuals of each TXT members. From their debut teasers, anyone can see that the boys are incredibly photogenic. TXT member Yeonjun’s name even trended worldwide on Twitter following the release of his very first teaser video.

Throughout May of this year, TXT held their debut showcase tour with dates in cities in the United States such as Orlando, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles. It is said that the tickets for each stop were sold out within less than 24 hours. This only proves how TXT has captured the hearts of the public with the boys’ one-of-a-kind talents and visuals.

In the past months, TXT has received several awards such as “Global Rookie Top 5,” “Rookie Award,” “Best New Male Artist,” “Best International Debut MV Clip,” “Male Rookie Idol of the Year,” and “Rookie of the Year.”

Meanwhile, TXT had their first comeback last October with their first studio album “The Dream Chapter: Magic.” 

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