EXO will be making their highly-anticipated return to “Ask Us Anything”!

On November 30, the show teased the upcoming appearance of the idols with the caption, “The return of the king! EXO.”

Kang Ho Dong says, “I’m ‘EXO-Large K’” and makes the group burst into laughter with his cover of EXO’s “Love Shot.” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul asks Kai if he saw Kang Ho Dong’s imitation of him, and Kai asks in disbelief, “It was me?!”

Kang Ho Dong then asks if the “fake EXO,” the group’s evil clones X-EXO in their latest concept for “Obsession,” is here. Suho replies, “He’s inside of me. I don’t know when he’ll come out.” Kim Heechul comments, “I can’t imagine Chen [as an evil clone] because he looks so kind,” and Chen shows off his rugged side by throwing a book across the room.

Chen continues to reveal his savage side by asking Suho if he’s always been narrow-minded and calls Sehun out for thinking he’s older than him. Chanyeol reveals that he recently cleared this up with Sehun and tells Chen that he should follow suit and call Sehun “hyung as well.

After showing off their dance moves in pairs, EXO plays games where hilarity ensues.

Catch this episode when it airs on December 7 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out the preview below: