TWICE’s Dahyun and Nayeon and Park Jin Young showed off their moves to the producer’s greatest hits!

On the November 30 episode of “Ask Us Anything,” the JYP Entertainment founder spoke about his upcoming concert where he plans to perform all of the songs that he wrote.

“All of the concerts are in December,” he said. “All celebrities are busy in December. They said they were busy and no one was available. I was originally planning to play the piano and the original singers would come out and sing.”

Kang Ho Dong made him laugh by joking that he should self-reflect as to why not a single person was available, and Park Jin Young revealed that he has no choice but to sing all [50] songs himself.

The cast asked for a preview of the concert, and Park Jin Young showed off his cover of Park Ji Yoon’s “Adult Ceremony” (literal title).