VIXX’s Ravi wowed everyone with his performance on “Immortal Songs”!

On the November 30 episode, Ravi made his first solo appearance on the Park Jin Young special.

The idol recently joined the newest season of “2 Days & 1 Night” as a fixed member. When asked about the first day of filming, he shared “spoilers” like, “There are some things that the older members succeeded at the first time when it came to hit or miss games,” “But about 30 percent of it was going to the bathroom,” and “There’s a big party.”

As for his performance, Ravi said, “I prepared Rain‘s ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ (literal title). I’m usually a rapper but I also sing during today’s performance. I’d be thankful if you could see it as Ravi’s own interpretation with various formations.”

MC Kim Tae Woo added, “I came early this morning for rehearsals and I was so surprised when I saw Ravi. ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ is difficult because of its performance aspect because you have to dance like Rain. I didn’t know that Ravi had dance skills like that. I was shocked.”

In his interview, Ravi expressed his admiration for Park Jin Young. “I write and produce songs myself,” he said. “He has a great career as an artist, but I always thought that it was amazing how he also created many artists as a producer. I’ve thought of him as unique.” He added, “I participated in the entire process of preparing for this performance including the rearrangement. Please look forward to it and feel my intentions. Thank you.”

The VIXX member got on stage and introduced himself in front of the audience and Park Jin Young. “About 12 or 13 years ago, I attended an academy run by producer Kim Young Suk after seeing an ad with Park Jin Young on it,” he said. “At the time, he came to gave a special lesson and dreamed of becoming a singer while listening to his words. I’m filled with emotions to be at an honorable place like this.”

Ravi showed off his passionate rendition of the 2003 track including a dance break, and received cheers from the audience. Watching his performance, Ivy said, “He was so controlled and relaxed, and he looked really cool. His performance looked natural.”

Park Jin Young commented, “Ravi performed on stage and his appearance looked really cool. I think he knows his own characteristics and showed what he wanted to show. It looked so cool how he performed while grooving to the rhythm even though the beat was slowed down.”

The overall episode was won by band MONNI with 398 votes for their performance of Park Jin Young’s “Who’s Your Mama.”

Check out Ravi’s performance below: