Now that “Extraordinary You” is officially over, you may find yourselves with a Ha Roo/Dan Oh/Baek Kyung/Do Hwa-shaped hole in your heart. And I totally understand that. With a drama as charming as this, the withdrawal hits especially hard, and it’s just too difficult to move on right away.

Too. Cute. To. Move. On

So to help you with your withdrawal anxieties, here are some dramas that you can (re)watch, whether it’s for the actors, the premise, or the setting:

If you liked the actors from “Extraordinary You”:

For more Kim Hye Yoon, check out “SKY Castle

“SKY Castle” was a major hit when it aired, and it successfully raised the profiles of many of its younger actors, one of which was Kim Hye Yoon. Her role as the ambitious Kang Ye Seo even won her the Best New Actress award at the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Kang Ye Seo and her family live in an upper-class residential area called SKY Castle, where the women of the households would go to any lengths to ensure that they keep up the facades of their seemingly perfect lives. This includes making sure their husbands are at the top of their fields and that their children make it into prestigious universities. The drama itself is riveting because it taps into our conflicting emotions: one of wanting to take a sneak peak into the lives of the elite, and another of seeing that their lives may not really be that much better than us commoners.

Interestingly enough, when Kim Hye Yoon guested on “Running Man” in April this year, she mentioned that she hadn’t received much casting offers after “SKY Castle.” But it wasn’t long after that she was announced to be taking on her first leading role in “Extraordinary You.” And with her solid acting chops, there’s no doubt there’ll be plenty of work lined up for her in the future!

Watch “SKY Castle” below:

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For more Rowoon, check out “School 2017

Part of the “School” series, “School 2017” depicts a group of high school students struggling with the high-stress education system. When Ra Eun Ho (Kim Se Jeong) is accused of being the mysterious student X who inflicts mayhem around the school, she faces expulsion, and her dream of going to university is at risk.

SF9’s Rowoon plays a minor supporting role in this drama (who is not named Ha Roo) as an idol who transfers into the school. While the storyline itself is far from ground-breaking, there’s something just as charming and relaxing about a straightforward storyline that you can just watch with ease. And the two leads Kim Se Jeong and Kim Jung Hyun also share such adorable chemistry that you can’t help but be pulled in.

Watch “School 2017” below:

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For more Lee Jae Wook, check out “Search: WWW

“Search: WWW” tells a story of three highly successful women working in the top two competing web portal companies in the country. And if you think the story will revolve around the three just being spiteful and manipulative and trying to take each other down, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, this drama celebrates their friendship and how they support each other through both their careers and love lives.

One of the trio of women is Cha Hyun (Lee Da Hee), who is all fierce and no-nonsense at her workplace but is actually also a lover of makjang dramas (so relatable!). Lee Jae Wook plays Seol Ji Hwan, an actor in her favorite drama. His charm breaks down Cha Hyun’s walls and allows her to lower her guard. The chemistry between Lee Da Hee and Lee Jae Wook is so palpable that their scenes together are always a treat!

Watch “Search: WWW” below:

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For more Naeun, check out “A-TEEN”

“A-TEEN” is a coming-of-age story about six high school students and follows them while they try to navigate the messy waters of friendship, romance, and family. And while the storyline doesn’t necessarily tread any new ground, the charm and relatability still make for a fun watch and may just transport you back to your own high school days. Even better? It’s a web series, so the whole of season one only totals up to around four hours of viewing time, which makes for very easy consumption. And if you loved season one, there’s also a season two waiting for you to devour too!

Watch “A-TEEN” below: