Kang Daniel’s agency, Konnect Entertainment, has released an official statement regarding the singer’s current health problems. The actor has posted a series of disturbing messages on his fan cafe yesterday. In one post, he admitted that he’s tired of living. To this, the company decided that the idol star will have a short hiatus from activities and promotions.

They announced:

Since earlier this year, Kang Daniel has been suffering from various health problems. His immune system has weakened which requires him to have frequent check-ups at the hospital. He also has anxiety problems, depression and is currently not mentally stable. However, the actor is seeking medical help and has been given counseling treatments and medications. 

Amidst the situation, the actor is doing his best to remain strong and to fight. His anxiety has worsened that’s why he needs to take a break from working to focus on resting and recuperation. Right now, his health, both mental and physical, is our utmost priority. As a result, we decided to cancel his recording schedules for “Show Champion.” Kang Daniel will also be unable to participate in future activities and promotions. 

We also ask everyone to please not make speculations and spread malicious rumors. Let us all help Kang Daniel. Thank you.

We are hoping for your speedy recovery, Kang Daniel! 

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