The Conviction of 2 Korean Stars Jung Joon Young And Choi Jong Hoon + Details Of Their Horrific Crimes

The k-pop industry became a phenomenon thanks to its addictive upbeat music, but that perfect image has a dark side to it. We have heard a lot of sexual scandals involving the k-pop industry. 

Two young Korean stars became the target of allegations when a woman accused them of rape back in 2016 in a hotel room with three other involved men. The defendants are both well-known men in the k-pop industry but sadly had shown that they considered women as an object for sexual pleasure.

These two young stars are Jung Joon Young and  Choi Jong Hoon. According to reports, the woman said the incident took place after a Fan signing event. The woman claimed that five men including the young stars raped her and shared an audio file and photos of the incident in a group chat. The said victim is reportedly a friend of Jung’s way back in 2012.

The woman claimed that after the fan signing event, they had drinks with Jung and Choi together with three other men inside the hotel room and she then lost consciousness. The next morning she then found herself naked on the bed inside the room and lying beside her was Choi. The woman also claimed that she might have lost her consciousness because she was taking medication to treat her panic disorder. After she heard the news reports that Jung was accused of filming secretly sex videos and sharing them in a group chat online, she was alarmed and feared that she might be a victim.

The accused men were members of an online group chat that shared some secret sex tapes and joked around about drugging and raping women. Both the accused committed sexual crimes against several women, treating women as sexual tools for their sexual pleasure and also the degraded the women involved.  

The South Korean court sentenced the k-pop star several years in prison. Jung was sentenced to 6 years in prison while Choi was sentenced 5 years in prison. Jung’s sentence was 1 year longer than Choi because he was also convicted of secretly filming himself with drunk and unconscious women that did not give his consent, then Jung shared the supposed videos in an online group chat with his friends.  The victim’s identity was not divulged to protect their privacy.

The young stars were also ordered to undergo 80 hours of sexual violence treatment and are banned from working with children or minors.

During the trial, both Jung and Choi claimed that the acts were consensual. But later on in his testimony Jung showed great regret for what he had done and said “I deeply regret my foolishness and I feel great remorse,” “From now on, I promise to live a good life. I will forever remember the crimes that I did.

This case is only one of the many scandals involving sex crimes and other illegal activities in the k-pop industry. 

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