Merry Christmas, Happy weekend and a Happy 2020 for all my dearest Beanies!

Christmas has been so-so this year, because most of the plans got cancelled or downsized last minute, so it was not as grand as I am used to. However, I had some snacks, alcohol and ice cream at home and watched K-drama episodes, so all in all I had some good evenings. Though I hope you all had more fun than I did. 😀

My end of the year entry got published 3 years in a row! I depended on it, because my 3 write ups formed a trilogy about my journey to permanent employment and happiness. I am grateful for the positive reactions some Beanies left, because it is quite scary to put yourself and your darker parts out there, but in my case it has to be done to get better. 😀

As this is the last OT of 2019 I found it fitting to reflect on my 2019 new year resolutions. Fortunately I am not as hard on myself as I used to be, which made succeeding a lot easier. 😉

1.) Find a permanent job. This requires effort on my part of course, but the whole point of my journey was learning to understand that a job is not everything in life and not something I can fully control, so I guess it does not count as a new year resolution? 😉

2.) Learning an 8th language to acquire polyglot status. I started January 1st 2019 on Duolingo and completed the basic course level. I would like to learn more languages in the future, but completing the additional levels in the several languages I am already learning, will keep me busy on Duolingo in 2020.

3.) Start another hobby. My friend and I have are nearly finished with our Korean language class over Skype and we might continue this, but I would like to have something non-Korean to do as well. Transit problems were the villain in 2019, but at least reading, writing and watching could be done from the sofa. 😉 In 2020 I would like to continue with a mix of K-dramas, reading, writing and watching non-Korean stuff. I have a never-ending list of movies and soaps and I finally want to press play.

4.) Travel. It is really hard to travel big when unemployment does not guarantee you the necessary money and freedom to do so. Fortunately there was the GOT7 concert as highlight of a weekend trip to London in 2019, and in the same vein 2020 will start with a Day6 concert during my weekend trip to Paris.

5.) Enjoy life, whether I am employed or not. Only possible because I stuck to the 3 new year resolutions mentioned above. 😉

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