While it sometimes can be a pipe dream to see the K-drama leads you love reunite in another drama, historical and fantasy dramas always tend to leave viewers wondering how well they could fair in a more modern-timed drama.

Did your favorite historical love story get derailed by political uproar by the time the drama ended? When the leads have great chemistry, you often wish for more tender moments, such as hugging, kissing, and hand-holding, but these actions can be rather limited due to the time period. Not to mention, sometimes their screen time together goes awry as usually one of them is secretly plotting to usurp the throne while the other is left in the dark. This happens in fantasy dramas as well. There are often such high stakes to stop a raging murderer or the world is on a brink of an apocalypse that suddenly the leads barely interact on screen.

While individual journeys are important for each character and their development, it’d be nice to see them work together rather than separately. Especially when the leads are not communicating for the sake of “protecting the other.” Plus there’s the ultimate devastation when one of them dies while the other lives.

It’s always exciting to see well-paired leads get together for another project, so here are seven leads from historical and fantasy dramas that I wish would have modern dramas with preferably a happy ending.

Warning: spoilers for the dramas below. 

Lee Hwi and Seong Ja Hyeon from “Grand Prince

Without any political desires to up his rank, Prince Lee Hwi (Yoon Shi Yoon) has only one wish: to find a love of his own and not have an arranged marriage. Luckily for him, in a fateful moment in the marketplace, he meets the strong-willed Seong Ja Hyeon (Jin Se Yeon). And although he aids her when she is about to get swindled by a paint supplier, they quickly bicker after leaving the art store. As they keep bumping into each other, their affection grows. They spend lots of time painting, horseback riding, and once they even go into a gisaeng house (despite Hwi’s objections).

One scene, in particular, that really makes me wish for Yoon Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon to reunite is when Ja Hyeon risks drowning to return to Hwi. Ja Hyeon is so confident in Hwi that she jumps into the water, despite not knowing how to swim, because she knows he would save her.

This scene is great because both actors nail what each of them feels for the other. Jin Se Yeon easily conveys the unwavering confidence and trust Ja Hyeon puts in Hwi not only through her actions but also with her shy but assured confession. Meanwhile, Yoon Shi Yoon easily conveys all of Hwi’s worried emotions despite not even remotely hesitating to jump into the water and save Ja Hyeon. When they’re above water, you can feel the anger in his voice but you can also tell it’s out of worry. Their chemistry carries the scene it allows the viewers to fall for their romance.