Watch: “Master In The House” Members Impress With Their Cheerleading Performance

Shin-Sang-Seung-Hyung-Jae were excellent cheerleaders in this week’s episode of “Master in the House”! During the January 19 broadcast of the variety show, the five members performed a special cheer routine with the national cheerleading team at an official basketball game. Although the members had to master skills such as toe touches, hula hooping, and dancing, they Continue Reading

JTBC Confirmed To Air New Pre-Produced Drama Described As The 2nd “SKY Castle”

A star-studded cast and intriguing plot have been revealed for a new JTBC drama! On January 18, OSEN reported that “Graceful Friends” (literal title) was picked up by JTBC to air as an upcoming Friday-Saturday drama as the follow-up to “Itaewon Class” and “World of Married Couples” (literal title). As a pre-produced drama that has already wrapped Continue Reading

Watch: Park Seo Joon Shows His Stubborn Streak In “Itaewon Class” Teaser

JTBC has released another teaser for their upcoming drama “Itaewon Class!” “Itaewon Class” is based on the popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of young people brought together by stubbornness, passion, and youthful bravado. They begin their small revolt against an unreasonable society in the streets of Itaewon as they chase Continue Reading

7 Times DAY6 Stole Our Hearts In Interviews

Extremely talented and hardworking, full of wisdom and entertainment factor, DAY6 really is the full package! When they are not on stage impressing us all with their beautiful songs and crazy musical skills, they can brighten up our days while doing something as simple as answering interview questions. Their refreshing honesty and hilarious answers stole Continue Reading

8 Cute Interactions Between BTS and TXT That Warmed Our Hearts

Over the past seven years, since 2013, BTS was the only K-pop boy group under Big Hit Entertainment, until TXT joined the family in 2019. Ever since then, fans of both groups were ecstatic about the new senior/junior relationship, and have always anticipated their eventual interactions. This feature cannot possibly contain all the heartwarming moments between the labelmates, but Continue Reading

Insiders Discuss The Fallout Of The “Produce 101” Rigging Controversy On The Industry And Trainees

On January 17, Shin DongA published a report by music critic Kim Do Heon about the “Produce 101” vote manipulation controversy, the power of CJ ENM and its network Mnet in the industry, and more. The report begins by quoting sources from various industries related to this recent scandal and the influence of the network. Continue Reading

Open Thread #639

Hi Beanie friends! Just stopping for a quick update. We are bracing for some weather today. The upper midwest will see lots of snow/ice, so be safe Beanies! We are watching Dr. Romantic (I think that’s what it’s called), but RDTK 2 and what’s her name it getting hella annoying now. So if she is Continue Reading