Lee Je Hoon shared his excitement after making a special appearance in the SBS drama “Stove League.”

On February 15, the actor took to his Instagram account to share photos from his time on set and wrote, “It was an honor to be able to appear in a drama that I love so much. General manager Baek Seung Soo (Namgoong Min) and manager Lee Se Young (Park Eun Bin), player Jan Jin Woo (Hong Ki Joon), and everyone in the ‘Stove League’ family, you’ve worked so hard.” He added, “I will truly never forget this. It was the best.”

In the photos, Lee Je Hoon poses for photos with Namgoong Min and Park Eun Bin, the two lead actors of the drama, and shows off his script for the final episode as well. Lee Je Hoon has expressed in the past that he is a fan of the drama, and he was able to have the ultimate fan experience by playing a character in the final episode.


In the final episode, Lee Je Hoon made a special appearance as the CEO of IT company PF, who was at odds with Baek Seung Soo over Dreams, the baseball team. Although PF ended up taking on the Dreams team, Lee Je Hoon stated that he’d only take the offer if Baek Seung Soo stepped down as the general manager. Although it was a sad moment, the drama ended with him taking on a new sport, opening the possibilities for a new season.

Watch Lee Je Hoon in the final episode of “Stove League” below!

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