A producing director (PD) at MBC has been fired under suspicion of harassing co-workers.

According to sources within the broadcasting industry on March 23, MBC held a personnel committee meeting on March 20 and decided to dismiss the PD.

It’s reported that a PD who directed a popular variety program has been in conflict with colleagues since early this year over actions such as eavesdropping on writers’ conversations by installing a recorder in a meeting room. When the allegations of workplace harassment came forth last month, the PD was put on a waiting list to be assessed by the personnel committee.

A source from MBC has stated, “We cannot give a detailed answer because the internal discussions of the personnel committee are confidential, however it’s true that a dismissal notice was given to that PD.” They added, “If they request a retrial, then it’s possible that one will be held.”

An amendment to the Labor Standards Act that took effect last July prohibits workplace harassment, and it’s reported that it appears that the network is preemptively responding to acts that could cause physical or mental suffering to staff members.

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