These days it’s hard to find shows with multiple seasons that don’t start to drag at some point. That’s why K-dramas can be so appealing. You’re introduced to well-written characters who get their stories introduced, developed, and wrapped up in a nice little bow in one season. There’s usually no worry for painstaking cliffhangers or thinking that your favorite character deserved better.

However, sometimes one season can be too short and you just want to spend some more time with your favorite characters. Or tragedy happens and you end up with a sad ending, an open ending, or perhaps the drama never finished the mystery it had been trying to solve all along. It’s times like these when a second season is wanted. Here are nine K-dramas that deserve a second season.

Warning: spoilers for the drama endings below.


“Hwayugi” is a drama that will capture your heart from the first episode. Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon So) has to figure out how to navigate a world where demons and deities are constantly at odds. Punished by the gods for releasing Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) from his prison, she has to bear the weight of being the one destined to save the world from impending doom. This makes her a target in the supernatural world as there are many people who want to eat her for her power, including Son Oh Gong. But the gods have other plans, and instead, she traps him with a geumggango and they have to save the world together.


This drama keeps you hanging on with its missions to destroy day-to-day demons, hilarious banter between Son Oh Gong and Woo Ma Wang (Cha Seung Won), a great evil brewing in the shadows, loveable zombies, and ill-fated romances that try to find a way to be together. Of course, all of this tends to be a recipe for disaster and the drama comes to a final close with Son Oh Gong rushing to the underworld to save Jin Sun Mi. It’d be great to see everyone reprise their roles for more godly mischief and to see how Son Oh Gong braves the underworld to find his true love.

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Based on the U.S. show of the same name, “Suits” is a drama about a prestigious corporate lawyer named Choi Kang Seok (Jang Dong Gun), who hires a college dropout named Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyung Sik) to be his associate at Kang and Ham. While he doesn’t legally have the right to practice law, Yeon Woo’s photographic memory is one of his strongest assets. Much like his mentor, Yeon Woo is witty and charismatic but his humbleness and drive to help the underdogs of the world often challenges Kang Seok’s cold demeanor and approach to cases. They tackle numerous cases dealing with sexual assault, business contracts, class action suits, and have their own mock trials that reveal the inner relationships brewing inside the law firm. While Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik’s chemistry drive the show forward, they also shine with the other characters such as Kang Ha Yeon (Jin Hee Kyung), Hong Da Ham (Chae Jung An), Kim Ji Na (Go Sung Hee), and Chae Geun Sik (Choi Gwi Ha).

The show tackled plotlines that were drawn out over multiple seasons in the original show, the most vital one being Yeon Woo’s fraud. Already having served time for his crime by the end of the drama, Kang Seok is there to greet him as he exits prison. It would be interesting to see how Yeon Woo’s life continues to overlap with Kang Seok’s in another season. Would he return to college and study law so he can work with his mentor once more? Would they hire him on in another position? What about his relationship with Ji Na? The U.S. show has nine seasons so there’s certainly more material to adapt and explore!


Hotel Del Luna

Due to a previous deal that his father made with Man Wol (IU), Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) becomes the manager of the Hotel Del Luna. As expected from the Hong Sisters, “Hotel Del Luna” is nothing short of a riveting and heartbreaking tale. Man Wol and Chan Sung do not get off on the right foot and constantly bicker as they tackle the important duty of helping ghosts move on to the afterlife. While Man Wol does not seem to be too happy, as she’s been cursed with this job for thousands of years, Chan Sung eventually breaks down her barriers and also enables her to move on from her past and finally move onto the afterlife as well.

While it would be incredible to see some sort of reincarnation plot for Chan Sung and Man Wol to get their happy ending in another season, fans were excited at the idea to see a second season about Hotel Blue Moon after Kim Soo Hyun‘s iconic cameo. Since the hotel is known to be run by those who have to pay for their past sins, there’s so much intrigue around Kim Soo Hyun’s character. What did he do to be chosen to run the hotel? Is his past more tragic than Man Wol’s? How will he get along with the other incredible employees of the hotel? While tvN did release a statement that ultimately said anything was possible, so far there’s been no word about a second season. With any luck, maybe there will be in the future.

“The moon has risen. Let’s open for business.”

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How Are You Bread

“How Are You Bread” is a fun and cute but surprisingly heartbreaking web-drama to watch. The drama follows Noh Mi Rae’s (Lee Se Young) pursuit of trying to cast Ha Do Woo (Suho) for the new baking competition show that she’s in charge of writing. Do Woo is an enigmatic pastry chef who is well-known for his “how are you” bread that he kneads all of his emotions into. Every time Mi Rae eats it she wells up in tears, and soon she finds herself not only pursuing him to cast him for her show but also to discover why his bread has such an effect on her.