KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Born Again” shared a behind-the-scenes look at the drama’s script reading!

“Born Again” is a reincarnation drama about a detective, the detective’s lover, and a serial killer who loved the detective’s lover. Their lives ended 32 years ago, but their fates become entangled again when they are reincarnated into new lives. Jang Ki YongJin Se Yeon, and Lee Soo Hyuk will all be playing two different characters each across two separate lives.

The script reading began with introductory greetings from the director, scriptwriter, and actors. Jang Ki Yong shared, “I hope everyone does their best without getting hurt during the whole span of the filming and that this becomes a good memory for everyone.”

On their thoughts after the first script reading, Jang Ki Yong revealed, “I wanted to start filming soon, so I thought that I should prepare well and work hard.” Meanwhile, Jin Se Yeon said, “I really liked that the script felt like it was alive and breathing, and I’m looking forward to everyone’s chemistry in the future.” Finally, Lee Soo Hyuk shared, “It’s an honor to work with such good people, and I will also work hard so that this can become a good drama.”

The three lead actors also shared points to look out for in “Born Again.” Jang Ki Yong said, “Through this drama, I got to take on two roles, and I’ll work hard to show a different side of me.” Jin Se Yeon shared, “I think viewers will be able to watch with a suspenseful heart if they watch out for how our fates will be intertwined.” Lee Soo Hyuk explained, “It’s a melodrama, and it’ll be great if viewers look out for the point in which the three characters meet again. Above all, I’ve returned for the first time in awhile.”

To conclude the interview following the cheerful script reading, the actors made acrostic poems to build anticipation for the upcoming drama. Using “rebirth,” Jang Ki Yong said, “Rebirth. I’ve thought about it, but does it really exist?” Jin Se Yeon used the word “fate” to say, “While exercising and contemplating, tune into ‘Born Again’!” Lee Soo Hyuk concluded the interview with the keyword “melodrama,” saying, “I’ve come to greet viewers for the first time in awhile with a melodrama. I’ll work hard to romantically portray the drama well. Please look forward to it.”

“Born Again” will premiere on April 20 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the script reading below!