Spring is the season of new beginnings and falling in love, and “Heart Signal 3” has arrived along with the season! “Heart Signal” is a romance variety series from Channel A in which eight strangers live together for a month in the same house. Their time together is watched over by a group of panelists with varying experiences in dating and love. This season, Yoon Shi Yoon, Block B’s P.O, and Han Hye Jin will be joining some of the panelists from previous seasons including Lee Sang Min, lyricist Kim Ea Na, and psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong.

Here are a few points that make this series worth a watch:

A Real Life K-Drama

There is no reality show more real and no drama more dramatic than “Heart Signal.” Eight strangers come together and get to know each other for the first time, just as the audience does. They spend time together not just by going on dates, but also by simply sharing their daily lives with each other through ways such as cooking dinner or going grocery shopping. “Heart Signal” gives us a slight glimpse into a very real and raw form of how love works in the real world. There are K-drama cliches here and there and just enough suspense while finding out who likes who. Season 2’s biggest K-drama moment was definitely the love triangle between Oh Young Joo, Im Hyun Ju, and Kim Hyun Woo, and it had viewers on their toes until the last episode!