March 27 brought two new shows to the Friday evening drama scene, both featuring a lead actor making a four-year comeback to the small screen!

JTBC’s “The World of the Married,” which marks Kim Hee Ae‘s first return to dramas in four years, saw an impressive premiere, recording average nationwide viewership of 6.3 percent and setting a new JTBC record for the network’s highest drama premiere ratings.

The drama is about a married couple that falls apart due to betrayal and the ensuing whirlwind of love and hate. Kim Hee Ae plays a family doctor named Ji Sun Woo, who leads a seemingly perfect life with a peaceful family, her husband’s unchanging love, and a good son. When a crack starts to form in her happiness, her life begins to change.

Channel A’s “Eccentric! Chef Moon,” which is also Shinhwa member Eric‘s first drama in four years, set off to a slow start with ratings of 0.9 percent.

The drama is about reckless world-famous fashion designer Yoo Bella (Go Won Hee), who suffers from memory loss, but experiences love, growth, and success after meeting star chef Moon Seung Mo (Eric).

SBS’s “Hyena” continued with strong viewership on Friday, recording average nationwide ratings of 10.8 percent.

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