Kim Tae Hee Comes Face-To-Face With Exorcist Yang Kyung Won In “Hi Bye, Mama”


Kim Tae Hee will be facing Yang Kyung Won in the upcoming episode of “Hi Bye, Mama.”


Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) couldn’t dare try to take Oh Min Jung’s (Go Bo Gyeol‘s) spot, but Cha Yu Ri’s desire to live started to grow more and more. However, the path to regaining her spot as Jo Kang Hwa’s (Lee Kyu Hyung‘s) wife and Jo Seo Woo’s (Seo Woo Jin‘s) mom isn’t easy. With her reincarnation mission still in limbo, Jo Kang Hwa was shocked when he learned that Jo Seo Woo knew about Cha Yu Ri and became suspicious of the past five years. It remains to be seen whether Jo Kang Hwa can remain unmoved after learning Cha Yu Ri’s secret.

On March 29, the drama dropped new stills of Cha Yu Ri facing an exorcist (Yang Kyung Won). The exorcist’s expression is unreadable, but there is a cold glint in his eyes. Ms. Mi Dong (Yoon Sa Bong) attempts to protect Cha Yu Ri, who is feeling anxious, and the atmosphere is strained with tension. In a previously-aired preview for the upcoming episode, the exorcist told Cha Yu Ri, “I’m here to take your daughter.” This surprising turn of events is likely to trigger a change in Cha Yu Ri’s decisions from now on.

The production crew shared, “The reason why Cha Yu Ri did not carry out the reincarnation mission will be revealed. Please wait and see if she will actively carry out the few remaining reincarnation missions for those who cherish her.”

“Hi Bye, Mama” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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