Block B’s Zico had a special partner to take on his “Any Song” challenge on SBS’s “Running Man”!

The episode of “Running Man” that aired on March 29 featured guest appearances by Ong Seong Wu, Zico, Lee Do Hyun, and Seo Ji Hoon.

While catching up with each guest, Yoo Jae Suk asked Zico if he had seen the “Running Man” members do the “Any Song” challenge before. Zico said he had, and they talked about how Song Ji Hyo hadn’t known what the challenge was at the time and had just done a random dance, solidifying her nickname of “Wall Ji Hyo” as she seemed to be walled off from the rest of society when the “Any Song” challenge took over Korea.

It was then that Song Ji Hyo was given a chance to redeem herself, and she was joined by Zico, the creator of the “Any Song” challenge himself. At the beginning, Song Ji Hyo looked like she was still unsure of what she was doing, but then she surprised everyone, including Zico, by perfecting the dance moves and the two completed the challenge as a couple.

Check out Zico and Song Ji Hyo’s take on the “Any Song” challenge below!