Kim Kyung Nam will transform into a charismatic detective in “The King: Eternal Monarch”!

Written by Kim Eun Sook, this upcoming SBS drama tells the story of two parallel worlds, one in which Korea is a constitutional monarchy and one similar to present-day Korea. Lee Min Ho portrays Emperor Lee Gon who tries to close the door between the two worlds, while Kim Go Eun plays Detective Jung Tae Eul who works with him to save people’s lives.

On April 8, the drama gave viewers another look at Kim Kyung Nam’s transformation into detective Kang Shin Jae.

A policeman-turned-detective, Kang Shin Jae is a rising ace in the police force. He’s someone who thinks of the police station as more comfortable than his home and considers his department to be his family.

In the stills, Kim Kyung Nam shows no mercy when gang leaders try to bribe him. When a gang member offers a bag full of cash in exchange for appeasement and a favor, he responds with a deadly glare and shoves the leader’s face into the bag.

Filmed last year in Gangnam, this scene was Kim Kyung Nam’s first solo scene that best captures his character. The actor arrived on set with a smile and courteously greeted co-stars and staff members prior to filming. Once cameras began rolling, he fully immersed into his character and instantly transformed into an angry detective, earning praise from staff on set.

A source from drama production company Hwa & Dam Pictures said, “Kim Kyung Nam makes people say, ‘He is Kang Shin Jae!’ He gives Kang Shin Jae life and brings him out of the script. Please look forward to Kang Shin Jae who is a cold-hearted detective when it comes to crime and see how he’ll be a secret weapon in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch.’”

“The King: Eternal Monarch” premieres on April 17 at 10 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Hyena.” Check out the latest teaser here.

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