On the latest episode of “Weekly Idol,” ONEUS brought their own unique style to a cover of TWICE’s “Feel Special“!

ONEUS appeared as guests on the April 8 broadcast of the MBC every1 variety show, where they showed off their many talents through the program’s signature games and segments.

At one point during the show, ONEUS put their gorgeous vocals on display with a live slow-jam rendition of “Feel Special.” MONSTA X’s Kihyun, who was serving as a special MC alongside his bandmate Minhyuk, remarked, “I heard that you prepared a very special performance for ‘Weekly Idol.’ What is it?”

Keonhee replied, “This is a song we’ve been wanting to perform for a long time now. It’s TWICE’s ‘Feel Special.’”

Check out ONEUS’s emotional rendition of “Feel Special” below!