Jeon Somi and TWICE’s Chaeyoung enjoyed a lovely day together!

On April 9, Jeon Somi released a special clip from her reality show “I Am Somi.” In the video, the two idols walked side-by-side while wearing masks. Jeon Somi called Chaeyoung “small” as they walked down the street and stopped by a macaron shop before arriving at a café for brunch.

Chaeyoung took photos of Somi on her camera and the two friends chatted after they finished eating. When Chaeyoung asked Somi what she wanted to do, Somi explained her thoughts on why she thinks they are a good but also not such a good match for one another because they just end up asking each other what they want to do and where they want to meet. With a laugh, Chaeyoung replied, “It’s because I don’t know a lot about those things since I don’t meet up with a lot of people.”

Jeon Somi then turned the camera to Chaeyoung and asked her to list three reasons why she likes her. Chaeyoung answered, “She has a different personality than me. I’m not that talkative, but you give others good energy. Second, I feel comfortable with you. I can’t hang out with people who I’m not comfortable with.”

When the TWICE member had trouble coming up with a third reason, Jeon Somi joked that she’d be ending filming at this point. Chaeyoung said there wasn’t a specific reason as to why she liked her before adding, “I feel like you know everything even if I don’t say it out loud.”

Jeon Somi and Chaeyoung have been friends for six years after training together at JYP Entertainment. They both appeared in the 2015 reality show “SIXTEEN” which formed the group TWICE.

Check out the clip below: