Who’s excited for Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom”? If it’s anything like last year’s “Queendom,” the show will be a chance for viewers to see new sides of their favorite groups while also getting to know acts they aren’t as familiar with — and likely picking up one or two to stan along the way. You probably know some title tracks from PENTAGON, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, ONEUS, VERIVERY, and TOO, but if you want to learn more about the groups before “Road to Kingdom” premieres on April 30, then what better way than to listen to their underrated songs? Here are our picks for the hidden gems in these kings’ crowns: b-sides and lesser-known tracks from the seven groups in “Road to Kingdom,” in order of their debut!


“Let’s Go Together”

PENTAGON debuted in 2016, making them the veteran group among the “Road to Kingdom” contestants. Unsurprisingly, their discography is deep and varied, and while the group has gotten the most attention for its more playful hits like “Shine” and “Naughty Boy,” they really “shine” for their versatility — as well as their pure talent. “Let’s Go Together,” a b-side off their “Positive” EP, showcases the guys’ polished vocals: highlights include Hui’s smooth chorus and Jinho’s high note near the end. Plus, it’s almost impossible not to listen to this song without smiling, and the lyrics’ message of encouragement is perfect for any time you’re feeling down!