10 Times “Going SEVENTEEN” Had Us Losing Our Minds

“Going SEVENTEEN,” SEVENTEEN’s own variety content has really grown in recent years. In the earliest form, it was a bi-weekly vlog that followed them on their tours. The 10-plus minutes then expanded to nearly half hour episodes with more structured content. Sometime last year, the bi-weekly airings became weekly airings, and since then, “Going SEVENTEEN” has only Continue Reading

“Sweet Munchies” Cast Talk About Their Cooking Skills, How They Became Close, And More

On May 25, JTBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Sweet Munchies” held an online press conference with the lead cast. “Sweet Munchies” is a rom-com about the unconventional love triangle between the bistro chef Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo), the producing director Kim Ah Jin (Kang Ji Young), and the genius designer Kang Tae Wan (Lee Hak Continue Reading

Watch: Jun So Min Makes Triumphant Return To “Running Man” In Preview For Next Week

Jun So Min will be back in next week’s episode of “Running Man!” Previously, Jun So Min took a hiatus from “Running Man,” as well as her other activities, due to health and fatigue concerns. In the preview, Jun So Min has a joyful reunion with the rest of the “Running Man” cast. The cast members compliment her on her healthy appearance, while Jun Continue Reading

Park Shi Hoo Faces Grave Danger In “King Maker: The Change Of Destiny”

TV Chosun’s “King Maker: The Change of Destiny” revealed new stills of Park Shi Hoo. The historical drama is about the struggle for the throne between kingmakers with psychic abilities. Park Shi Hoo plays Choi Cheon Joong, the best fortune teller and physiognomist (face reader) in Joseon, and Go Sung Hee plays King Cheoljong’s daughter, Lee Bong Ryun, who possesses Continue Reading

Watch: Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ha Na, And Lee Hak Joo Make Blood Boil In Preview For “Drama Villains” Special Of “Ask Us Anything”

Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ha Na, and Lee Hak Joo will be appearing in the “drama villains” special of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything!” Ahn Bo Hyun played Jang Geun Won in “Itaewon Class,” the son of a wealthy conglomerate head and Park Sae Roy (Park Seo Joon)’s nemesis. Park Ha Na played Baek Ya/Baek Seon Dong, Continue Reading