10 Times SEVENTEEN Spoiled Their Fandom

SEVENTEEN’s comeback is finally upon us! During the lead up to the release of their seventh mini album “Heng:garæ,” Carats (fandom name) have been blessed with daily teasers of all sorts (and even a surprise pre-release of “My My“). But this isn’t anything new for Carats. The 13 members of SEVENTEEN consistently spoil their fans Continue Reading

Seeing Double: 14 K-Pop MVs That Play With The Motif Of Mirror Image

Mirrors are a fairly common prop in K-pop music videos; after all, who wouldn’t want to see multiple images of an idol in one shot? But what happens when the reflection in the mirror does something unexpected? When the mirror shows someone a different version of themselves, doesn’t reflect reality, or even reveals something scary? Some K-pop music videos have really embraced Continue Reading