—– a response to the King: Eternal Monarch fans who keep boasting about this drama to console themselves, blame others and probably trying to justify the sunk cost fallacy by blaming other for it’s bad rating, heavy plot criticism and so on

– oh yeah The King is “popular” on NETFLIX, then what?
it still a crappy drama, the heirs is popular, it still a crappy drama.

– I am actually fond of LMH, doesn’t have any scandal, seems like a good guy and KGE is alright. But stop with all the victim mentality, no one is mocking KGE beauty, just because someone didn’t call her drop-dead gorgeous didn’t mean they call her ugly. Also what you see is comment is social media comment, from antis, the general audience is fine with her. She gets endorsement, she has a positive public image and actually called beautiful. The comment you see isn’t representative of how she actually perceive, therefore stop the victim mentality of “they think she is ugly and hates him so they don’t watch the drama”. NO! it just a crappy drama.

– If you like the drama, it’s fine, it’s not a sin to like and enjoy crappy drama but don’t pretend like it has “worldbuilding with 200 IQ” because it just a crappy drama

– just because you wrote an essay about how the symbolism work, it doesn’t mean it’s true if the drama never confirmed it. See, the drama just put it for “aesthetic” and to look “deep” without a payoff, it’s like Shin Jae. Is it entertaining to watch? yes, does it have meaning, NO!

– Accept the no one is hating the dama for hating purposes or to see its downfall, it already falls flat from rating in the SK and trending in the country that doesn’t use NETFLIX as their primary streaming service, it’s like how kpop idols boast iTunes chart on places that the primary user doesn’t use iTunes. I just search that in SEA country, you need to use VPN just to open NETFLIX because they prioritised their own streaming platform, see how the reception isn’t as big as let say, Goblin?

– Just because you have dozen of comments doesn’t mean that people “enjoy”, yeah it’s for you Reddit user specifically. It just the same fans repeating the same things while forgetting that 80% of all drama watchers had dropped the drama, it’s the equivalent of Kpop idol spamming twitter to clear up the search. You said people hate it for no reason, where exactly? Most people had left, look at the rating, only people who had hopes remains and yet DB and many blogs, even the Koala one had legit criticism because “surprise, surprise, it’s a crappy drama”

– now you’d ask why would you attack me just because I enjoy it? because in general drama forum, so many users who keeps replying to each other can’t fathom that the drama is bad and keep throwing the blam to other user and mocked their lack of IQ, you think no one see that?

– They gain followers on Instagram, so what? LMH has a fandom, KGE also still has fans from Goblin, that’s how it gets…

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