Mirrors are a fairly common prop in K-pop music videos; after all, who wouldn’t want to see multiple images of an idol in one shot? But what happens when the reflection in the mirror does something unexpected? When the mirror shows someone a different version of themselves, doesn’t reflect reality, or even reveals something scary? Some K-pop music videos have really embraced this mysterious theme, and whether they use physical mirrors or forgo the glass and portray full-on alter egos, these concepts are all about confronting different parts of our identity or making us wonder how well we really know ourselves. From unexpected reflections to evil alter egos, these 14 MVs play with the motif of mirroring in ways that are intriguingly introspective, and often downright spine-tingling. Get ready for things to get a little trippy!

1. “Bad” — INFINITE

To start us off, the MV for INFINITE’s 2015 hit “Bad” is filled with mirrors — the guys sing to their reflections throughout the video, dispersed with shots of Sunggyu running through an eerie parking garage. The lyrics tell the story of the guys being bewitched by, well, a “bad” girl, who breaks them down and plays with their emotions, but from whom they just can’t stay away. Things get interesting when Sunggyu finally turns around to confront his pursuer, only to discover that he’s been running from… himself. Plot twist! This suggests that all along the members have been their own enemies for allowing themselves to be so enthralled by this girl — although that doesn’t save some of the guys from their creepy reflection twins at the end of the MV!