SEVENTEEN’s comeback is finally upon us! During the lead up to the release of their seventh mini album “Heng:garæ,” Carats (fandom name) have been blessed with daily teasers of all sorts (and even a surprise pre-release of “My My“). But this isn’t anything new for Carats. The 13 members of SEVENTEEN consistently spoil their fans with constant content, ranging from variety to behind the scenes to music-related. On many occasions, Carats have found themselves enjoying fresh content daily, and hardly a day goes by where it’s all quiet on the SEVENTEEN front. With this much content and interaction, it’s no wonder Carats feel like they belong to one of the most spoiled fandoms ever.

Here are just a few of the times that the boys spoiled their fandom:


Carats don’t understand the meaning of Monday blues, because every Monday, we look forward to new “Going SEVENTEEN” content. The production quality has increased exponentially these past two years, providing us with constant laughter through the members’ antics as well as the multitude of memes and inside jokes from the editors. No one does episodic content quite like SEVENTEEN, and trust me, this is one variety show you need to be watching. If you need a more detailed introduction, check out this article here.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s mafia game to end all mafia games: