Here’s What Went Down During The Finale Of “Chuang 2020”

On July 4th, the final assessment stage of “Chuang 2020” (also known as “Produce Camp 2020”) was held.

“Chuang 2020” is the third season of the official Chinese adaptation of the Korean “Produce” series.

The grand finale was hosted by He Jiong and specially invited actress and singer Qin Hailu as a guest. Rainbow Choir, Li Yundi, Meng Meiqi (WJSN’s Mei Qi), R1SE, Wei Ya and other guests were also there to witness the girls’ special moment. The four coaches Tao (Huang Zitao), Lu Han, Mao Buyi, and f(x)’s Victoria also cheered on the contestants with their own performances. Tao and Lu Han put together performances of new songs “Ice Cream” and “Sensitive” with some of the eliminated trainees.