Little Boy – 675k – 19 august. Let’s see

I like it when work is properly done. Results achieved.
Whether its tv drama world or real life humans like to complain. Like they are the most unfortunate ones. All the troubles and problems are after them. Don’t want to work hard, smart work isn’t heard of. Want easy meal and find free meal as a k+cn writer.
Do little work, burn much resources, have not much to show, meetings after meetings. Office gossip and coterie is the best they at.

Then cook struggles to gain sympathy points. How their colleges and superiors are this n that and how much effort they do put into their work and how come they r d only competent ones in whole office.

If you have taken the job then properly do it, don’t make excuses of dog-ate-homework. Problem is most humans are lazy and they shriek responsibility a every turn and then have the gal to point fingers at politicians that comes out from the same society.

Is XI the hardworking or is Merkel a contender?


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