I have been racking my brain, trying to remember which drama this is. The second male lead (a doctor), who is the elder brother of the main male lead, is also in love with the leading woman (obviously). Dr. Second Lead realizes a few episodes before the end of the drama that baby bro is in love with the lead gal and gives up on her. One day when Dr. Second Lead is at the hospital, he’s hiding under one of the hospital beds for some reason. Then, a beautiful woman (also a doctor) comes in and we can only see her legs from his point of view. Dr. Beautiful farts (Yes, you read that right!) and then lies down on the couch next to the bed under which Dr. Second Lead is hiding. She sees him and they’re both startled. A few days later, Dr. Beautiful meets Dr. Second Lead’s family/friends. When they ask him how he knows her, Dr. Beautiful is super chill and answers, “Me? Oh, he’s seen me break wind.” That’s all I remember and I have been trying to place this scene for weeks now! Please help!


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