There are plenty of songs that draw inspiration from the animal kingdom, and animal metaphors are common in lyrics and symbolism. While many songs in K-pop draw on imagery of birds for freedom, or cats for sexiness, a few K-pop artists have taken the animal theme to the next level, daring to embrace their truly wild side. These artists not only draw inspiration from fearsome and awe-inspiring wild animals for lyrics and imagery, but also fully embody these creatures in the music videos and choreography for the songs. From lions to tigers, alligators to snakes, these 12 K-pop hits are the wildest of the wild!

1. “PUMA” — TXT

After the tamer domesticity of their 2019 release “Cat & Dog,” TXT leveled up for the wilder “Puma.” The song’s Korean title translates to “Puma who escaped from the zoo,” and the song tells the story of a puma tasting freedom for the first time in its life. While the puma faces confusion as it avoids the humans who want to re-capture it, the big cat is finally able to feel alive. The TXT members really embrace their inner puma for this music video, almost to an uncanny effect! They break free of chains and cages, perch on cliffsides, and are impressively and eerily animalistic. Even the choreo (and cheetah-print outfits) are feline-inspired!