In these past two weeks of “I-LAND”, we finally receive confirmation that there is indeed a part one and part two to the show, and the “12” they constantly mention is only the number of trainees that will make it in to part two. So, just who are the 12 I-Landers that successfully finish part one? Well, we won’t know that until episode 6.

Why must you do this to us, show??

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what happened in episodes 4 and 5, including the third test, some shuffling of trainees, and an important life lesson we could all learn.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Like, seriously! There are results and everything! 

Grounders’ fiery “Fire”

The Grounders bring a truckload of attitude and spunk to their performance and look like a hot dance crew. Their all-black ensemble also looks sleeker than the more “flowery” styling of the I-Landers. With everyone wearing the same thing, it’s actually easier to spot when someone is not in sync with the others. However, the Grounders bring consistent energy and diverse expressions to their performance, and they really feel like one team, fulfilling the test of “teamwork.”