Stuck With You: 7 Introverted Male K-Drama Characters We Wish We Could Spend Quarantine With

Are you staying home due to the quarantine? Health experts and researchers are advocating for people to avoid going out, if not preventing it completely for the time being, to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. Others may have different ways of spending their days at home, while some of us turn to K-dramas and movies to pass the time. Continue Reading

8 Must-Watch K-Dramas Of 2020 So Far

2020 has been a pretty difficult year—and we’re only halfway done—but K-dramas serve as a momentary escape that helps us heal and de-stress a bit. And although 2020 hasn’t been the greatest of times, in the world of K-dramas, it’s been pretty darn good. Here’s are eight K-dramas from this year that are definite must-watches! Continue Reading