K-Pop Idols Who Re-Debuted Under New Groups

Debuting is a big deal for trainees who spend their teenage years working hard to get to that moment of being revealed to the K-pop scene and shine as a rookie group. Yet, some of them find themselves debuting once again under different groups for many reasons.

Here are some idols who redebuted with new groups under different circumstances and experimented with various concepts and sounds.

1. DreamCatcher’s Jiyoo, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, and Dami

Originally debuting as MINX in 2014, the five members changed both their group name and concept three years later as they were joined by two new members, Handong and Gahyeon. Needless to say that this switch was a very successful move since DreamCatcher has become one of the leading K-pop groups who incorporate the rock genre in their music.